Irrigation Flow Rate Calculator

What is the irrigation flow rate?

Irrigation flow rate refers to the amount of water being applied to a specific area over a given period of time. It is typically measured in units of gallons per minute (GPM) or cubic feet per second (CFS).

To calculate irrigation flow rate, you will need to know the volume of water being applied and the time over which it is being applied. The formula for calculating irrigation flow rate is:

Note: It is important to carefully calculate irrigation flow rates to ensure that the right amount of water is being applied to a specific area. Over-watering can lead to waste and erosion, while under-watering can result in drought stress and reduced crop yields.

Irrigation flow rate Calculation Formula

Flow rate = Volume of water / Time

For example, if you apply 500 gallons of water to a field over a period of 2 hours, your flow rate would be:

Flow rate = 500 gallons / 2 hours = 250 GPM

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