Irrigation Water Use Calculator

Irrigation Water Use Calculator

What is Irrigation Water Use?

Irrigation water usage refers to the amount of water that is used to irrigate crops or other plants.

Irrigation Water Use Calculation Formula

The irrigation water usage is calculated by multiplying the width and length of the yard in feet to get the total square footage, and then multiplying that number by 0.623 gallons (2.36 l) per square foot, which is the amount of water needed to provide one inch of water to the lawn.

Irrigation water usage (in gallons) = Width of yard (in feet) * Length of yard (in feet) * 0.623 gallons/square foot

This formula assumes that you are providing one inch of water to the lawn. To adjust the amount of water provided, you can simply multiply the result by the desired number of inches.

For example, if you want to provide two inches of water to a 100×100 foot lawn, the irrigation water usage would be:

100 feet * 100 feet * 0.623 gallons/square foot * 2 inches = 12,460 gallons

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