Manure Pit Calculator

What is a Manure Pit Calculator?

A manure pit, also known as a manure storage structure or lagoon, is an enclosure that is designed to store animal waste, such as manure and urine, before it is used for fertilization or disposed of properly.

Manure Pit Calculation Formula

The formula for calculating the size of a manure pit depends on many factors such as the number of animals, the type of animal, the waste production rate of the animal, the storage time, and the climate.

Here’s a general formula that can be used to calculate the size of a manure pit:

Manure Pit Size = Number of Animals x Waste Production Rate x Storage Time x Climate Adjustment Factor


  • Number of Animals: the total number of animals whose manure will be stored in the pit.
  • Waste Production Rate: the average amount of manure produced by each animal per day.
  • Storage Time: the number of days that the manure will be stored in the pit before it is removed.
  • Climate Adjustment Factor: a factor that is used to adjust the pit size based on the climate in which the pit will be located. This factor can vary depending on the level of precipitation, temperature, and humidity.

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