Manure Storage Calculator

What is Manure Storage Calculator?

Manure storage refers to the temporary storage of animal waste, typically in a dedicated structure or containment area.

The amount of manure that needs to be stored can vary depending on the size and type of animal, the number of animals in a herd or flock, and the length of time the manure is stored before it is used or disposed of.

Manure Storage Calculation Formula

To calculate the amount of manure storage needed, you will need to know the amount of manure produced by the animals each day and the number of days the manure will be stored. The formula for calculating the total amount of manure to be stored is:

Total manure produced = (amount of manure produced per animal per day) x (number of animals) x (number of days)

For example, if you have 50 dairy cows that produce an average of 120 pounds of manure per day each, and you plan to store the manure for 90 days, the total amount of manure that needs to be stored would be:

Total manure produced = 120 lbs/day/cow x 50 cows x 90 days = 540,000 lbs of manure

Once you know the total amount of manure to be stored, you can determine the size and type of storage structure needed to accommodate it.

It’s important to follow proper manure management practices to ensure that manure is stored and handled safely and effectively.

This includes regularly monitoring the storage facility for leaks, maintaining proper ventilation, and properly disposing of the manure once it is removed from storage.

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