Mph to Acres per Hour Calculator

What is Mph to Acres per Hour?

Miles per hour (mph) to acres per hour is a unit conversion that is used to measure the rate at which an area of land is being worked. The conversion allows you to express the speed at which you are working an area in terms of acres per hour, rather than miles per hour.

Mph to Acres per Hour Calculation Formula

To calculate acres per hour, you need to know the width of the swath being worked (in feet) and the speed at which you are traveling (in mph). Once you have this information, you can use the following formula:

Acres per hour = (Width of swath (ft) / 43,560) x Speed (mph)

For example, if you are working a swath that is 100 feet wide and you are traveling at a speed of 5 mph, your acres per hour would be:

Acres per hour = (100 / 43,560) x 5 = 0.0023 x 5 = 0.0115 acres per hour

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