Tractor Tyre Rolling Circumference Calculator

What is Tractor Tyre Rolling Circumference?

The rolling circumference of a tractor tyre is the distance it travels in one complete revolution. It’s important to know this measurement because it affects the accuracy of your tractor’s speedometer and the accuracy of the work being done by any implement attached to the tractor.

Tractor Tyre Rolling Circumference Calculation Formula

To calculate the rolling circumference of a tyre, you can use this formula:

Rolling Circumference (in inches) = (Tyre Diameter in inches x 3.14) + (2 x Flat Section Width in inches)

So, to give you an example, let’s say you have a tyre with a diameter of 50 inches and a flat section width of 12 inches. Using the formula above, you would calculate the rolling circumference as:

Rolling Circumference = (50 x 3.14) + (2 x 12) = 157 + 24 = 181 inches

Keep in mind that this formula is just an approximation and actual rolling circumference may vary slightly due to factors such as tyre wear and inflation pressure.

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